Qualitative Research Characteristics

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The key characteristics of qualitative research:

A key characteristic of qualitative research is studying behavior as it occurs naturally within the setting.  A natural setting is one that the researcher does not manipulate or control.  In Schempp’s study, the setting is the physical education classrooms in Hillcrest High School, in Hillcrest, a small rural community in the Pacific Northwest.  The physical education classrooms in the high school were natural settings because the researcher was studying the experienced physical education teacher and his ability to acquire knowledge necessary to teach.  The physical education teacher taught in the physical education classrooms, therefore making them his natural setting and thus where Schempp could naturally observe his behavior without altering or interfering with his environment.

Direct data collection is also a key characteristic of qualitative research studies; narrative data is collected over long periods of time from observations and interviews and analyzed using interpretive…

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