Speech Text


Talking about speech, it has many kind of speech such as argumentative speech, persuasive speech, etc. In this part I will give a sample of persuasive speech. absolutely the goals of this speech to persuade the reader.

Research about Human Cloning Should be stopped

Good morning ladies and gentlemen!

I am expecting you very much to imagine this story. When I was in junior high school, my biology teacher taught about cloning. At that time he told us that cloning system could help people to treat disease. He gave the example for my friends and me that cloning for mouse is successful. Working system of cloning is the cloning mouse organ is used to change the broke organ from the original mouse. The scientists develop their experiments about cloning for deer and horse. And both of them are really successful.  They always develop cloning for many kinds of animals. The scientists have explored their experiences for human cloning. Can you imagine how the real situation if the organ of human cloning is taken? How many cloning people will die? What happen if you have more than two cloning copies of you in the world? I strongly believe that research about human cloning should be stopped. Today I wish to discuss; creating clones cheapens life and Human clones as property the harmful effects of human cloning.

Firstly, the great diseases and leading to extinction in human cloning, all human beings will be identical. Which means that entire human is at a risk of getting infected by the same type of pathogen. In scientific point of view, if everyone has the same type of genes and they are closed to each other they may not defend against the same kind of serious disease. Then cloning will be detrimental in terms of a great disaster. Another negative effect of cloning is inbreeding, as everyone has the same genotype and keep reproducing among themselves. This would lead us to our own extinction finally. Richard Nicholson of the British Bulletin of Medical Ethics said that cloning research may well be “sowing the seeds of our own destruction”.

Secondly, devastate parenting and family life, the basic concept of a family is a couple falls in love and determines to care each other. Then the couple may decide to have children which they will love them dearly. But parents of clones might value their children according to how much they look like to themselves. Cloning, as a result, undermine the basic elements of loving, nurturing family and to accept each child as a unique individual.

The last, cloning can affect our society drastically. Some type of law needs to be passed and put into effect as soon as possible, to declare that human cloning is wrong and illegal. The existence of a valid law that could prevent many negative effects that caused by cloning. When once scientists begin human cloning, there will no easy way to fix the many destructive effects that are sure to happen. So I absolutely believe that research about human cloning should be stopped.

In summary, the technology to clone humans is either available, or very nearly ready. The only thing stopping current scientists from experimenting with cloning is the legality. Human cloning is illegal in much of the world, despite a great amount of support from supporters of the technology who see the advantages of cloning in medical research. Current world leaders have decided that the disadvantages of human cloning currently outweigh the advantages. As the debate broadens into academic, scientific, and spiritual circles, a strict code of ethics concerning how to proceed will need to be drawn, and enforced. Without tight governance, human cloning could quickly descend into a nightmare scenario.


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