My Senior High School


Senior High School 2 Tebo(SMANDA)  is one of senior high school in Jambi Province. SMANDA located o K.H.Dewantara street, Rimbo Bujang, Tebo Regency, Jambi. SMANDA is the oldest senior high school in Tebo.  SMANDA also has many achievements such as, sports and science.

SMANDA get  a champion race hygiene in 2012. It means that the environment in SMANDA is so clean. The entire classroom in SMANDA is comfortable, so that the students get full concentration and focus to study. Besides that, SMANDA also has safety area because students obey all of regulations.

A lot of facilities are within reach. SMANDA near a football ground. If students have  sport subject they can use football ground to play football. SMANDA near a swimming pool. It make students easier to swim. SMANDA near the Post office. So students in twelve class easier to send their school repart card copy to university. The last, behind of SMANDA is Terminal.

SMANDA has standard facilities, such as toilet, canteen, etc.  Beside that SMANDA also has complete facilities. The distinguishing of SMANDA and other because SMANDA has International class. Students in International class uses bilingual, so they speak English and Bahasa. SMANDA is one of school that it has HOT-SPOT areas. It helps students to brows a lot of information about their lessons. Students cannot access social media, such as Skype, twitter or face book, because they were blocked. SMANDA also has complete laboratories, such as science laboratory, social laboratory, language laboratory and computer laboratory. Gallery is the important build that SMANDA has, because all of student’s art were saved in gallery. SMANDA has students center so students can choose a lot of extracurricular as like, football, volleyball, takraw, literature, judo, etc.

In sum,  SMANDA is the comfortable place to study and the location of SMANDA is strategic. The last, SMANDA has complete facilities. So that why I love my school very much. SMANDA has teached me what is friendship, knowledge and parents.


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