Letter for My Lecture


At boarding house, 11th January 2013

Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb.

Dear Miss Indah,

Do you feel good, mam? I hope that God always give health for you. Amiens.

Firstly, I say thank you so much that you have taught me how to make sentences by using grammar. I always fun to join your class, mam because you have many kind of trick to teach us. You teach me how to get teamwork when you give us group presentation.

Secondly, I like your trick to give us mini quiz. It is very important because I should repeat the last lesson before I do mini quiz. Actually mini quiz is effective to us since we should compete to get good score. Besides that we also do as fast as that we can do because you only give a bit time to us. That’s why preparation for us is the best choice. Hehehhe

The last, suddenly you make a joke when my friends and I feel bored or sleepy then we can follow your explanation again.  Then I also get a lot of knowledge how to make sentences with good grammar. Basicly  at the first time I join in your class I think that “Capita Selecta on Grammar” is a difficult subject. So it make me strees but it is very different when I have joined. Everything about CSG is so fun and I joy it. Thanks a lot mam. I hope next semester you will teach me again.

With Love,



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