Tyazh Radja(2126)

Last year was special moment that I could not forget. My lecturer gave me announcement that Anderson Junior College from Singapore came to Yogyakarta. They needed guidance to help them because they would teach students in necessary and primary school. After that my friends and I joined with them on December, 2012. Then we guided them when they spoke to citizen. We had a lot of activities.

I was really happy when I could be together with them. I met a friendly girl in there. Her name’s Yan Ying Ling. She is cute, friendly and moody. She is very interested of Indonesia. I always laughed when she was speaking because she spoke very fast and sometimes I could not understand what she said. We had a lot of activities and we enjoyed doing them. We taught ‘necessary’ students in Pleret. When we had a break time we made rujak together. We also shared about Indonesian culture and Singapore culture that we found many differences and we knew that each country has special culture. After four days in Pleret, we moved to Sagan to teach in Primary School. I had been together with them for a week. Then we had time to hang out together in Malioboro. Yan Ying Ling looked very happy. She bought a lot of kind of batik such as, bag, t-shirt, shirt, sandals, and accessories. She said that she loved Indonesia, especially Yogyakarta because everything in Yogyakarta was cheaper than in Singapore.

We were having fun together in Malioboro until we knew that it was twilight. Before we went home, Anderson Junior College had a little party because it was the last day for them in Jogja. Tomorrow they should come back to Singapore. We had dinner in Pesta Perak Resto. Finally we took pictures together and they gave letter to me and my friends. I got a lot of experience during a week together with them. I knew that we had a lot of differences but friendship does not need differences. Thanks a lot for my University that gave me time to meet them.



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